Most Attractive Female Armed Forces In The World

Women in the military have a history that extends over 400 years into the past, throughout a large number of cultures and nations. Women have played many roles in the military, from ancient warrior women to the women currently serving in conflicts, even though the vast majority of all combatants have been men in every culture.

So here is a list of some attractive women soldiers from around the world. You will find that some of them are really hot. Well, from my point of view these girls have the ability to won any beauty contest, but on the other hand, these military girls seem absolutely ready to protect their respective countries. Just take a look at these military lovelies from armies around the globe and vote for the country with the cutest recruits.

French Soldiers

The French Army is the largest component of the French Armed Forces and has well-groomed and beautiful female soldiers. Aside from good looks, these french female soldiers have been trained to master their own strength. They respect their opponent and are careful to spare civilians. They are also obedient to their superiors and respect the laws and customs guiding their country.