Everything To Know About Behind The Scenes Of ‘Crocodile Dundee’

“THAT’S not a knife. That’s a knife!” Most people recall the second part of the line as “this is a knife”.

Released in 1986, Crocodile Dundee was a worldwide phenomenon. The Paul Hogan movie was the second highest grossing film at the US box office that year, beaten only by Top Gun. The Oscar-nominated movie was a showcase for Australia and transformed Hogan from a local celebrity to an international superstar.

It is hard to believe that three decades have passed since we were first introduced to Australia’s legendary Mike Dundee, however as time goes by we only love this cinematic hit even more. To mark Crocodile Dundee’s 32nd anniversary we thought it was only fitting to catch up with this classic film’s infamous cast. Here’s how much the Dundee crew have changed since the summer of ’86 and some fun facts.

It Was Likely Inspired by Rod Ansell.

While on a fishing trip in 1977, Rod Ansell’s boat capsized, thanks to a crocodile. He spent a night drifting out to sea before finding himself on an island off the shore of the Fitzmaurice River in Australia’s Northern Territory. He spent seven weeks surviving on his wits, including drinking cow blood, before he was rescued. He was interviewed about his adventures on the popular Michael Parkinson talk show, where he allegedly talked about preferring to sleep on the floor of the hotel the Parkinson crew kindly put him up in. Ansell claims Hogan cited the Parkinson interview as the inspiration for the movie in an early radio interview, but a transcript of the interview was never found. Ansell’s life ended in 1999 after a shootout with police officers. In 2000, Hogan said the belief that there is one real Crocodile Dundee is a “myth.”