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Best Offline Messaging Apps 2020. Use Without the Internet.

These apps are used not only in protest but also in many situations such as music festivals, sports activities, natural disasters, and travel abroad. Here is a short introduction to such apps.

What is technology?

Before looking at the apps, let us know a little about the technology used. This description helps you understand not only how the app works but also the limitations. Offline messaging apps use a peer-to-peer Bluetooth mesh network or WiFi Direct-based network on your phone.

The network uses these modes to transfer data across devices. that is not only allows direct peer-to-peer communication but also sends information to all nearby devices.


BridgeFy is one of the most popular offline messaging apps in the world. This is the main app used by Hong Kong protesters against Internet censorship imposed by China. Moreover, the App is growing in popularity in India and is used as the main communication tool in protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act. The app runs on Bluetooth Mesh technology, offering three types of messaging services, such as person-to-person mode, broadcast mode and mesh mode.


Briar is an offline messaging app for Android. Briar promises secure offline messaging without the need for any mobile data or WiFi connection. The app is designed for social workers, journalists, and anyone who wants to have a secure interaction with their friends and family. The company places great emphasis on safety here, and your messages are always private. Even if you have an Internet connection, it uses the tar network to protect users from surveillance, without relying on a central server. In addition, this app does not take screenshots like Snapchat. also read this: Best Video Calling Apps.

Chat With Fire

Fire Chat is a good offline messaging app that brings free peer-to-peer messaging. Text and images can be sent without the Internet. You can use this application anywhere with no data connection. The app works on airplanes, public transit, cruise ships, campuses, and overcrowded events. Mesh network is private and your messages are secure. The best part of Fire Chat is that it can make strong connections using Bluetooth and WiFi signals.

Signal offline messenger

Signal Offline Messenger is one of the best offline messaging apps on the market right now. Instead of using Bluetooth mesh networking in Bridgefy, the signal offline messenger uses WiFi-direct networking. The app allows you to send messages to each other within 100 meters. You can securely send messages in one-to-one or group broadcasts. It allows you to send text, audio, photo, and video messages. One drawback is that it’s not available on iOS.

The app uses Bluetooth and WiFi signals to create strong connections.


Andre PeerChat is another offline messaging app for iPhone. This app is not as popular as some of the other apps on this list, however, it works just as well as other apps in texting. It uses a mesh networking system powered by Bluetooth and WiFi signals to send messages to your closest people. It supports peer-to-peer and group broadcast messaging. All data is encrypted and your messages are protected not only by hackers but also by the company.


The final offline messenger app on this list is “NearPeer” which is only available on Android. The app uses WiFi signals and creates a mesh network to send messages to your friends. The app supports both group and private chat. You can send messages even when the receiver is out of range and automatically deliver the message as soon as it is within range. However, be careful when using it as the app developer does not mention encryption.