15 Surprisingly Frugal Habits Of The British Royal Family

Want to live like a member of the royal family? You might be surprised to learn that’s it’s not all sports cars and caviar. Truly rich people often live frugally, and the British royal family is no exception. They can afford to spend tons of money on food, travel, and entertainment, but living life to the excess is considered gauche to anyone with old money. Instead, they employ money-saving habits that help them waste less and enjoy life just as much.

Find out exactly how members of the royal family from Queen Elizabeth II to young Prince George are pinching pennies and living thrifty lives.

They start the day with a simple breakfast


When you imagine a royal breakfast, you probably picture an impressive spread of poached eggs, smoked salmon, exotic fruits, and endless pastries. Well, Queen Elizabeth knows what she likes, and it’s quite the frugal choice. She pours herself a bowl of a simple cereal like cornflakes or Special K—kept fresh in a plastic container instead of the box—to eat with fruit.