22 New Brady Bunch Facts That Will Totally Ruin Your Childhood

Since its first episode aired in 1969, The Brady Bunch has epitomized the wholesome, functional values all families seek to achieve.

Of course, it helps that they’re fictional and have writers tying up any loose ends that might occur in each storyline. But it’s the actors’ shining smiles and perky personalities that kept us tuning in each week to see what they’d gotten themselves into this time.

But behind the scenes, it wasn’t always a “Sunshine Day” for the six kids portraying the siblings being blended together by their parents’ marriage. We’ve heard scandalous claims from each of the youngsters over the years, most notably from Barry Williams, who played the eldest son, Greg, when he penned his memoir, Growing Up Greg: I Was A Teenage Brady. Aside from the fact that he and his onscreen sister had a teenage romance while filming, there were plenty of other secrets that came to light when the cameras stopped rolling.

Take a look and let us know if we forgot any of your favorite tidbits about the Brady kids.

Robert Reed Was Gay

Robert Reed was a closeted homosexual. During the run of The Brady Bunch, most of the cast and crew members knew of Reed being a homosexual, but never commented on it because Reed never wanted to discuss it.

The Show Was Based On Math!

Err, well, kind of. The Brady Bunch found its inspiration in a newspaper statistic: In 1965 nearly 31% of marriages involved children from a prior marriage. Interesting inspiration, for sure. We’re not going to hammer you with more statistics – this isn’t an environmental education class. Let’s keep on moving!