18 Celebrities That Took Back Their Partners After Cheating

Celebrities who stayed with cheating spouses or partners are more common than you might think. No one is ever thrilled to find out their partner was caught cheating, but sometimes it’s more appealing to work things out with an unfaithful significant other than to end a once-beautiful relationship. Plenty of famous people who stayed together after an affair seemed to regain trust and intimacy.

Celebrity cheating doesn’t always end in divorce or a messy split. Stars who were cheated on but stayed range from internationally-renowned singers to major movie stars to career politicians. Some of these celebrities who stayed after affairs later broke up with their partners, while others are seemingly still going strong.

These notable couples didn’t let infidelity break them up. Whether the cheaters in question reformed, however, is anyone’s guess.


David Beckham and Victoria Beckham


After David Beckham was seen in a nightclub in 2004 with future reality star Rebecca Loos, Victoria Beckham decided to stay by her man’s side and shake off rumors of an affair. Loos confirmed the affair publicly and became famous in the process. Victoria does not acknowledge Loos’s allegations and continues to focus on her husband and children.

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union


Professional basketball player, Dwyane Wade, not only cheated on his now-wife Gabrielle Union but he conceived a child during the affair. A report from Hollywood Life confirms that while Wade and Union were “on a break” he fell into bed with the mother of his child, Aja Metoyer. But the child’s birthdate suggests otherwise – that, in fact, the two were very much together. Nevertheless, Union and Wade have been married since 2014.