40 Famous Veterans – Celebrities You Didn’t Know Served in the Military

When an actor or actress is up on the big screen, it’s easy to forget they’re providing the world a service in their own ways. For a few of your dollars and a bit of time, they give you laughs, scares, or life-changing drama to chew on. But did you know that some of Hollywood’s biggest names served fans in another way before they ever made it big?

Yup, that’s right: dozens of singers, songwriters, actors, and comedians donned a uniform and stripes and served their country in some way. Who were these fearless individuals? Here are 40 of the ones you probably don’t know about!

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Long before he ventured into Hollywood and politics and became an executive and a professional bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger served the Austrian Army to fulfill the requirement of the Austrian government among Austrian males to render at least one year of service in the military. He was around 21 years old when he served the militia and underwent basic army training in 1965.

Sammy Davis, Jr.

American entertainer, dancer, and impersonator Sammy Davis, Jr. have always been a large civil rights financial supporter. During the 11940s he decided to serve the United States Army and was assigned to a Special Services Unit in integrated entertainment. Following his discharge from the military, he regained his fame by producing albums and acting.