The 28 Craziest Things Said And Done By News Anchors

Like everyone else, news anchors and reporters can be stressed out or make mistakes while on the job. The only difference being their actions (and reactions) are filmed and televised live, for all to see. From the former Mayor of San Francisco’s wife accidentally exposing a little too much, to anchors quitting on-air in epic fashion. These are the craziest things to have ever happened on live television.

Dutch TV Journalist Claudi Groot Koerkamp Creates Her Very Own Splash

Claudi Groot Koerkamp appears to be oozing nothing but confidence as she reports on a boat, but it’s when she decides to sit down and interview her subject that things take a turn for the worse. Leaning on the side, Claudi quickly loses her balance, and despite clutching onto a flimsy rope nearby, it isn’t robust enough to stop the poor reporter plunging into the water.