This Dad Was Watching His CCTV Footage. Then He Spotted His Wife Lying On The Baby’s Bedroom Floor

After hearing her son’s cries from his bedroom, the young mother, like all of us, decided to try and relax the infant in his room. After a while, when her husband noticed that she did not come back downstairs, he decided to check the CCTV baby to see what it happening. What he saw there stunned him and their friends that night. Here is what her husband found out on the CCTV camera.

Recently, Tyrone and Caryn Morris of Durban, South Africa, invited several friends over for a dinner party. Their guests were elated to spend some time with the couple’s 15-month-old son, Brody, before his parents put him down for the night.


As the party carried into the night, Brody’s bedtime approached. With all the entertainment downstairs, the last thing he seemed to want to do was go to bed. Putting him down was going to be a battle, but his mother was more than up to the challenge.


As Caryn brought Brody upstairs, Tyrone expected the bedtime process to take some time. But when Caryn hadn’t returned for a long while, he became worried. He checked their baby monitor—and that was when he found his wife lying on their son’s bedroom floor.