He’s Born With No Brain.. But 3 Years Later, Doctors In Shock When They See His Scans

When Shelly Wall visited the hospital for a check-up, doctors told her the one news that any pregnant woman would not want to year. She was told that her baby has a condition that would basically not let him live.

When expecting parents Shelly and Rob Wall were just three months pregnant, doctors discovered that their unborn baby had an array of health issues and they urged the parents to terminate the pregnancy.

The baby had spina bifida, rare chromosome abnormalities, and hydrocephalus, a condition where excess brain fluid puts pressure on the tissue and causes brain damage. Doctors didn’t believe the baby would survive birth, yet the couple refused to end the pregnancy.

On March 6, 2012, Shelly gave birth to baby Noah, who survived the birth but only had 2% of a brain. Yet as baby Noah grew, his brain miraculously started growing back. Now Noah is four years old, and when doctors recently took a scan of his brain they were amazed to see that 80% of his brain tissue has grown back.