33 Hilarious People of Walmart Photos That Will Leave You Crying

America is home to some of the strangest people you’ll ever see – that’s just a fact. But how is it that all those weirdos seem to always congregate at your local Walmart?

Turns out, there’s a website called People of Walmart, which is dedicated to documenting the strangest, creepiest, and most hilarious Walmart shoppers out there. Consider yourself warned: It’s not pretty.

1. If you were walking past this in Walmart there is no question that you would think that Michael Jackson has been resurrected. Your second question would probably be what is the King of Pop doing in Walmart?


Well, you might be surprised to find out that it is not actually the late singer, it is just a very uncanny lookalike. Perhaps this man does this for a living and on the way back from one of his appearances needed to pick up some groceries?

2. If it were Halloween somewhere in a college town, I could MAYBE forgive someone for wearing this outfit in a public shopping center. But as we all know, whenever it’s a holiday, Walmart is crawling with decorations. I see nothing black or orange or Halloween-esque that at all suggest that it’s anywhere close to the right season for this disastrous outfit.


All I see is a very exposed, and probably very cold, the girl waiting at the counter with nothing but a fox tail covering her bum. The least her boyfriend could do is give her his panda jacket while they shopped. What is it about Walmart that gives people the confidence to wear the most ridiculous things, or in this case, basically NOTHING? The hooded panda with the upside-down smile says it all.