70 Retro Photos Capture A Much Different Side To History

These rare photos reveal layers of the past anyone can appreciate. From ancient ruins and industries of old to former fads and modern icons. Collected here are interesting photographs you’ve probably never seen, but should. What better way to challenge our perceptions and explore the past, than with pictures? We discover new things about political figures, icons of popular culture, and can even gain insights into old practices and important historical events.

A Buff Charles Bronson And His Beautiful Wife, Jill Ireland — 1971

Pictured here with his second wife, Jill Ireland, Charles Bronson was a well-known actor who played mostly in action movies including “Death Wish (IV)”, “The Dirty Dozen” and “The Great Escape.” Besides action though, he also played in a lot of westerns like “The Magnificent Seven” and “Guns of Diablo.” Outside of his normal roles, he tried his hand at movies like “Kid Galahad” (a musical) alongside Elvis Presley and “The Sea Wolf” (an adventure movie). Jill Ireland was previously married to David McCallum, who was also playing in the movie “The Great Escape.” At the ripe old age of 81, Charles Bronson passed away in 2003.