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How To Know Battery Status Of OnePlus Smartphones.

How To Know Battery Status Of OnePlus Smartphones.

Battery support is essential for the smartphone to function as a powerful. Almost all modern smartphones have high battery capacity. However, smartphones are less likely to get battery support than expected. Thus, users need to be aware of the battery life and battery life they use.

Battery life/health can also be checked on the OnePlus smartphone. OnePlus has the OnePlus Diagnostic app for this. It can take stock of essential factors such as battery charging status, battery temperature, battery capacity, battery performance. Here’s a look at the battery health/life screen of the OnePlus smartphones. also read this: Keep your mobile phone safe from others even if the phone is unlocked.

To know your SmartPhone battery status in OnePlus smartphones? then do this.

  1. Download the “OnePlus Diagnostic” app from APK Mirror.
  2. After downloading, you will see the option to install the application. Click on Install. (In case you did not install, you can enable the install option from other applications in the setting)
  3. Once installed, the app offers a simple and easy to understand interface. The app’s main screen displays the device name, CPU, memory configuration, and battery capacity. Below are two options, Record and Detect Now.
  4. Below the battery capacity, you will see the option ‘View battery status’.
  5. Click on this option and you will see a new screen with details such as battery capacity, battery temperature, charging and discharge status, charger type, and battery status.
  6. In the case of OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro phones, this app still does not show battery status.