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Indias Best Video Calling Apps.

Indias Best Video Calling Apps.

Since the start of the lockdown in the country, most companies have indicated work-to-home for their employees. Educational institutions are conducting online classes for students. Thus, the demand for video calling apps has increased. To this end, Zoom Video Calling App has become more trendy. But there are some native video calling apps that are an alternative to the Zoom App.

When employees work from home, they sometimes need to discuss work with colleagues. Group meetings, discussions, exchange of work information will be inevitable. Video calling apps are also useful for conducting online classes. So here’s a list of country video apps instead of Zoom and Google Meet.

JioMeet app

The JioMeet app is in direct competition with Zoom. JioMeet is almost identical to Zoom App. This app is easy to download the app for Android and iOS users. Users can use the app to make HD audio and video calls. It allows 100 people in a single call session. It is a secure application and has no call duration limit. also read this: These apps will help you to find a job.

Say Namaste app

Say Namaste is an Indian video calling app. It has Android and iOS app support. Can also be used through the official website version. The app allows you to run video and audio calls and add up to 50 people per call. It supports a variety of features such as screen-sharing, media chat and messaging, and allows easy file-sharing, such as documents, PDFs, presentations, images, video files and more.

Floor app

Floor is a video calling platform made by the Indian company 10 Times. The platform allows users to make video calls but is essentially a platform for large webinars and interactions such as buyer-seller visits and live events. Although not available as a FLOOR app, it can be accessed through 10Times of Indian apps available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.


VideoMate App is also an app that joins the list of Indian video calling apps. It is made by Rajasthan-based IT firm Data Engineers Global Limited and is available for Android, iOS and the Web. It supports recording, screen share, music share, flip cameras, celebration, chatting during video calling and many more. It is a free app and comes with data compression technology. This allows users not to spend too much of their data on the app.

Webkonf Meeting

WebConf Meetings is also a video calling app that supports Vocal for Local. It is also available for use in web and Android applications. It allows audio and video calls and is part of the Government of India ‘Made in India’ venture. The app ensures the utmost safety of users and tells you not to share your personal information with third parties.

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