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Jio 5G, What is the specialty in Jio 5G, What is the difference in 4G LTE and 5G.

Nowadays there is talk of 5G networks everywhere in the world. India also ranks from the landline network to the current 5G network. In the current 4G network era, India is looking to step into the 5G network. The 5G network, which is available in only a few countries in the world, is also far from available in India. People living in 4G speeds are getting 5G fast. So what is a 5G network? Come and see what use the 5G network has.

Yes, 4G / LTE is in use in India, so internet upload and download speeds are higher than 3G. But if the 5G network goes to India, internet upload and download speeds will increase. With the introduction of Reliance Jio VoLTE or Voice-over-LTE, with the introduction of 4G LTE, this is a significant change over the telecom sector. This means that all phone calls are made over the 4G network instead of the phone that originally needs to be switched to the 2G network whenever it is received or received. Currently, Reliance Jio has played the role of launching the Jio 5G.

What is Jio 5G?

You have been informed by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) at its 43rd Annual General Meeting (MGM) about the Jio 5G network. Upgrading from 4G to 5G is not as simple as it sounds. When users need to upgrade to a new smartphone, the telecom operator needs a lot of work at the end. The telecom operator, in particular, has to buy a new spectrum, which is used by the government’s Spectrum Audition. In addition, the company needs to install devices across the country to deploy network signals.

According to the current Jio announcement, telecom service providers and their equipment vendors have completed lab tests of 5G network components. However, the spectrum will not be publicly available until the auction begins. But as soon as they buy the spectrum, Jio hopes it will be available on public trails. This makes Jio the first network to introduce a 5G network in India. also read this: Feature Phones Available at Budget Price.

How is 5G better than 4G?

5G network is better than 4G network, 5G network is capable of providing 20gbps downlink and 10gbps uplink. Also, the 5G network is capable of fast data transfer and connectivity with multiple devices simultaneously. It will also provide download speeds of 100Mbps and upload speeds of 50Mbps. Aside from just speeding up, gaming can be enjoyed seamlessly through the 5G network. Also, video calls can be experienced without any interruption. .

Reliance Jio is expected to launch 5G trials by next year. Reliance Jio is equipped with equipment for this and awaits spectrum auction. However, customers need a hardware upgrade on their end to try out the new Jio 5G. Telecom partner Google has partnered with Google to launch affordable 5G smartphones soon. According to Jio, the company plans to make 5G smartphones available soon.

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