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Keep your mobile phone safe from others even if the phone is unlocked,

Keep your mobile phone safe from others even if the phone is unlocked.

Most people today have a smartphone. Most of the smartphone features are on the Android phone. Today there are so many features in smartphones that many users do not have the information about them. The report addresses a similar feature. Using this feature you can keep your phone safe even in unlock mode. This means that even if your phone is unlocked, no one can see or change anything.

Smartphones have many useful features that most people do not know about. One such feature is the Screen Pinning App. Come on, let’s get more information on this feature. also read this: Barack Obama Twitter Twitter account hacked.

One of the special features of Android phones is Pin The Screen. Screen Pinning is available on many phones. But, they both work the same way. If your phone is near others and it is unlocked. Others may not even be able to peer or make any changes to it. This feature is available on most Android phones, Android 5.0 and later.

How to enable this feature?

  • You must visit the settings section of your smartphone before using this feature.
  • Now select the Security & Locations option. This is what you will see in the Advanced option.
  • Here you have the Screen Pinning option and select it.
  • If there is a screen pinning option off, turn it on.
  • Open the app after which you need to pin it and visit the latest Apps again.
  • Next, select the Pin option by long pressing on the App.
  • Then press the Home and Back buttons simultaneously to use other apps and use the lock screen password.

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