Kim Kardashian: 25 Facts You Definitely Did Not Know About Her

Since the rise of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian’s life has pretty much been an open book. She’s shared almost everything about her relationships, her pregnancies, and her career with her fans, so much so that viewers feel like they really know her. However, there are still plenty of surprising facts about Kim Kardashian that many fans don’t know.

If you’ve been following Kardashian’s life story, you know she currently has her hands full with her new baby daughter, Chicago West, who was born on Jan. 15. She and husband Kanye West have two other children: North, 4, and Saint, 2. Kardashian is also busy with her makeup company, KKW Beauty.

Despite having so many critics, Kardashian doesn’t seem to give a damn about what they think. On many occasions, including earlier this week, she has shared naked photos of herself on Instagram. Trolls seem to be on the lookout for something to criticize these days because each photo usually gets a few comments either criticizing Kardashian for posing nude while being a mother or criticizing West for “letting” his wife share nude photos. Ugh. Kardashian has responded to the haters multiple times, making it clear that their opinions don’t mean anything to her. Basically, Kardashian has made a career for herself by living her life the way she wants.

Here’s a look at 12 facts about Kim you probably don’t know because the media rarely reports them to the public.

She was Taught to Grow Up Fast

Yes, Kim hit the party at an incredibly young age, however, much of this can be attributed to her parents. After all, she learned to drive a vehicle at the ripe age of only 14 under the instruction from her father that if her sister ever got drunk, Kim had permission to drive her. So, this means if her sister was drunk, then Kim was there too, at a party, with no supervision, with drinking taking place. It’s no wonder she had to grow up so quickly. When you’re 14 and in a group of people who are all too intoxicated to drive, this makes growing up fast a necessity.

Went to Marymount High School


They all went to Marymount High School, where students have to fulfill a requirement of 100 hours of community service before they can graduate. She has something in common with both Mia Farrow and Mariska Hargitay because they also went to this high school.