Meet The Identical Sisters Deemed The ‘Most Beautiful Twins In The World’

Leah Rose and Ava Marie, more popularly known as The Clements Twins, are not only wowing Instagram. The extremely gorgeous 7-year-old identical twins are now making a splash in the modeling world, too. The two, based between LA and Orange County, have amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, and it’s no surprise why. The young girls are undoubtedly beautiful with their piercing green eyes, long blonde hair, and sweet smiles.

Since their mother Jaqi, also a stunner herself, began posting photos of the girls, they instantly captured the attention of many online users. But it’s not only the general public that thinks Leah Rose and Ava Marie are absolute head-turners; modeling agents and fashion industry bigwigs think so, too. Here are the images of the Clements twins that captivated the internet.


The Twins’ Early Arrival

In 2010, married couple Kevin and Jaqi Clements welcomed two twins into their lives. Jaqi gave birth to the twins a little earlier than her due date and luckily the girls, Ava Marie, and Leah Rose Clements were both very healthy. It was there that the married couples’ lives changed forever, and they never knew their twins would take this path.

Stars From The Start

As soon as the girls were born, they enticed the nurses and doctors at the hospital with their beauty. And nothing has changed as they’ve got older. Obviously, their biggest supporters are their parents and with their mother’s help, they have become well known and sort after professional models.