• Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

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Okinawa Bumper offers for dealers.

Okinawa Bumper offers for dealers. 11 percent profit opportunity.

The Okinawa e-scooter manufacturer has given its distributors a happy ending. Okinawa has launched a new program for its dealers to improve the financial position of Okinawa, which is experiencing losses from the lockdown.

The whole country has been following a strict lockdown provision since yesterday with the spread of the coronavirus. But from now on the lockdown is somewhat loosened in the country. Lockdown not only disrupts people’s lives but also the country’s economy.

The economic situation of many other industries, including the industrial sector of the country, has deteriorated. There is a lot of loss to the auto industry as well. The impact of the nationwide lockdown has also led to the loss of electric vehicles, including the automotive sector.
Electric scooters are beginning to worry about the future of electric scooter production. An electric scooter manufacturer has come up with a new plan to find a better solution.

Okinawa, which was founded on the concept of Make India, will follow the profit maximization formula, which is an e-scooter manufacturer project that benefits most of its distributors. The Okinawa e-scooter company has announced that it will give its dealers an 11 per cent return on sales of each new scooter.

Previously, the Okinawa firm had been offering 8 percent profits. It is now 3 per cent. Dealers can earn an additional Rs 2000 on every Okinawa e-scooter sale. If 100 e-scooters are sold in a month, dealers can make an additional profit of Rs.

“We understand that the country is facing difficult times. Everyone will do their part to make it as easy as possible for people in this case. Our trading partners are a true brand ambassador and Okinawa has always stood with them. Strengthening this commitment, Okinawa has announced a dividend increase for distributors. This will give distributors some respite as most industries are slowing down, ”said Jitender Sharma, founder and managing director of Okinawa.

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