After 25 Years, Police Officer And Rescued Baby Are Reunited And Discovers The Truth

Police officer Michael Buelna was just minding his own business while on patrol one cold November night in 1989 in Santa Ana, California when suddenly he was thrust into an unexpected and life-changing situation. Buelna saved an abandoned baby after people alerted him to strange sounds coming from a nearby dumpster, but he had no idea how this one act of kindness and courage would create a whole world of love.

He also wasn’t aware that it would take 25 years to tell the baby the reason why he couldn’t leave his side after saving him. What’s more, the plot just continues to thicken after this rescued baby and police officer reunite all those years later. Read here for a thrilling and heartwarming story of love and reunion.

Police Officer on Duty

Officer Michael Buelna was a young cop on duty in Santa Ana The night was unusually chilly for California weather. Buelna was investigating a stabbing that had taken place in the area a few days prior. As he rounded the next corner, he was flagged down by a few neighbors in the area. They’d heard a baby crying.