Kidnapped Teen Still Talks To Her Kidnapper Every Week & Calls Her Mom & Lives In Her House.

The teen who was snatched at birth and raised by an impostor has said that she accepts her kidnapper’s 18-year prison sentence after her biological mom blasted the punishment as insufficient.

In 1998, Kamiyah Mobley was kidnapped from a Florida hospital when she was just a few hours old. Her kidnapper, 52-year-old Gloria Williams, raised her as her own for the next 19 years. Williams was eventually caught and has been sentenced to 18 years behind bars. In a recent interview, Mobley admitted she still has a good relationship with her captor, and still even calls her “mom.”



Kamiyah Mobley, formerly known as Alexis Manigo, has recently spoken out about having been kidnapped almost two decades ago outside of a Florida hospital where she’d just been born. The 19-year-old spent her life being raised by Gloria Williams, her captor.


What Mobley didn’t know is that Williams wasn’t her biological mother. It would later be revealed that Shanara Mobley was in reality, the woman who had given birth to her. According to CBS News, Williams had had a miscarriage prior to kidnapping Mobley and had grown increasingly upset over it.


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A few days after her miscarriage, Williams says she drove around and eventually ended up at the hospital. She told the court that she had no plans to kidnap a child but found herself sneaking into Shanara Mobley’s room while she was asleep.