17 Transgender Celebrities That Will Take You By Surprise

Several celebrities have made headlines for getting a gender change surgery. What is a gender reassignment surgery? It’s basically when you change your gender altogether. It involves a complicated physical transformation which can be a long and demanding process. Not to mention the mental and emotional toll it takes on the recipient. Hollywood stars undergoing gender reassignment have it harder as they have to be honest and upfront about the process for the fans and media.

Remember when Bruce Jenner decided to transform into a woman? The thousands of questions she had to answer and explanations she had to make to her family and of course the media. The process which led her to become Caitlyn Jenner was hardly simple, but she decided not to hide behind the curtains and remained upfront about the entire transition. Let’s have a look at some of the other celebs who underwent a gender change.

Chelsea Manning – Before


On April 5, 2010, the world woke up to a scandal the likes of which had never been seen before. Wikileaks had released a video, entitled “Collateral Damage”, showing US helicopters firing on members of the press and innocent civilians in Iraq. At the center of this storm of controversy was one man you’d never suspect: the mild-mannered 22-year-old Private Bradley Manning, who was the source of the leak. After a turbulent childhood and a young adult life filled with controversy after the Wikileaks video leaked, Bradley Manning caused another stir in 2013, the day after his sentencing, when she emerged as Chelsea Manning, demanding that she be referred to with the proper pronoun and announcing the next stage of a fascinating transition. She’d felt that she was a woman since childhood, and now was the time to act.