38 Facts About The Amish We Found Interesting

When it comes to the religious minority group, Amish, there is a need for debunking a few myths, while highlighting some unknown facts. The Amish culture is charming and known across the globe for upholding the traditional values. They may have shunned modernity, but they still continue to amaze the world with their lifestyle and traditions. Here are some facts you may have never heard about the Amish before.

1. The Amish

The Amish broke off from the Anabaptists in Switzerland in 1693. They followed Jakob Ammann (from which the term Amish derived), who created a schism in the church after he advocated for a literal interpretation of the bible. The first Amish immigrants came to the United States in around the 1730s. They primarily settled in three areas in Pennsylvania.


They are now found primarily within Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio and surrounding states. Their population increases each year. In the beginning of the 20th century there were only about 5,000 Amish, today there are over 250,000. When we think of the Amish, we primarily think of buggies, bonnets, butter churning and a zero-tolerance policy on electricity. But, this list may enlighten you to some of the lesser-known facts about the Amish.