• Mon. Jan 25th, 2021

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WhatsApp ready to introduce the most predictable features.

The world’s top messaging app WhatsApp is already a user-friendly. From time to time, there are many convenient features introduced. WhatsApp is now working to introduce the Advanced Search Features option that allows users to search for videos, images, links and other files based on multi-device login.

Yes, WhatsApp is a popular messaging app. It has announced that it will introduce an advanced search feature option that allows users to search for messages based on the videos, images, links, and other files they have. Facebook is now working on introducing a bunch of new features to WhatsApp. As you all know, just over two weeks ago, the company introduced QR codes and animated stickers on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is famous for its popular features. WhatsApp, which makes the work of users more efficient, has now introduced the features of searching messages based on your photo and video. This is currently being reported so that users can benefit greatly. It would be much better to search for messages based on the photo you have, rather than searching for old messages.

WhatsApp has recently introduced the new Linked Devices feature in the latest Android beta version of the app, which allows users to work with all devices connected to their WhatsApp accounts. This includes not only the ability to add new devices, but also the ability to delete existing devices.

These features are now available on WhatsApp’s Android Beta version 2.20.117. In addition, WhatsApp is also working on strengthening its payment network in India. The company has already entered into agreements with banks such as ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank and is now looking to partner with more banks to avail the service from rural and low-income segments. WhatsApp is there to help its users on all fronts.

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