Meet The Most Gorgeous Wives & Girlfriends Of The World’s Richest Billionaires

Welcome to a list of some of the richest men in the world, who have made their money from everything you could think of, from oil and chemical engineering to property, music, technology and savvy investments. But who are the women they’ve loved over the years, and how long have they been together? The gorgeous wives, the net worth of these power couples, and where the wives come from and of course, how they met. Let’s check out the hottest wives of billionaires.

Jim Clark and Kristy Hinze

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The gorgeous Australian model Kristy Hinze is married to the founder of Netscape. In addition to her long legs walking the runway, she is an actress that landed a modeling gig posing in sexy clothing in Victoria’s Secret catalogs. Despite the massive amount of wealth the two share, people are only human, and arguments are bound to happen. Kristy was caught in between an explosive argument in St. Bart’s last spring with her husband and Ken Reader, the owner of Comanche who is one of the top wealthy sailors in the world. The reason for the fight is unknown, but it became so bad that Kristy decided to leave the island without her husband.

Last summer they listed their $137 million mansion in Palm Beach for sale, built in the 1930s. The house has a total of two elevators, six bedrooms and a living room that is 15 meters long.